Vitalik buterin take

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Our hosts ask the founder of ethereum some interesting questions on.

Vitalik buterin take

Ethereum co-founder vitalik buterin recently took twitter by storm in order to explain the history and state of casper labs in a bid to debunk any rumors that have been milling the crypto-community.

Vitalik buterin takes to storm twitter with in-depth.

What this trend in regulation does, however, is that it gives a big nudge in favor of those applications that are willing to take the centralization-minimizing, user-sovereignty-maximizing cant be evil route.

Vitalik buterin take

When we see a breakdown in a current financial system and fiat currency systems of the world are losing value,.

Vitalik buterin doesnt have a lot of faith in most erc20s these days.

Ethereum founder vitalik buterin says his creation cant.

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The euphoria over bitcoin prices climb to a new 2019 high above 11,000 couldnt last forever, and it wasnt long before drama broke out on crypto twitter.

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