The waves ecosystem

Our mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain and build out the waves ecosystem.

Waves ecosystem explained - waves platform.

Will absolutely displace swift.

The waves ecosystem

Waves labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies that will form the backbone to web 3.

Wave relay ecosystem.

It is interesting to follow the waves development process, firstly, because this project is being implemented in a completely new sector, which most of us did not even know about a year ago.

The waves ecosystem

The waves dex uses something called matcher nodes which are capable of pairing traders orders almost instantly.

Korean cryptocurrency exchange.

Waves ecosystem visualised steemit.

If you have been using the waves desktop app and refreshing does.

Weve already told you about the bright blockchain future that will be arriving very soon, and that future is by wavesplatform.

Wien predicts bitcoin.