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The bitcoin mining hashrate is becoming more distributed among mining pools, according to a report published by cryptocurrency research firm diar on may 13. The study notes that both the number of trades and the trade volume.

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Developer mike hearn returns. According to a recent report by crypto research firm diar, bitcoins mining hashrate is becoming more distributed among mining pools.

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Diar cryptoasset research firm has found an increasing rate of ether liquidations, on behalf of crypto startup projects which raised huge sums of money via ethereum-fueled token sales in late 2017early 2018. It has however managed to attract the interest of major players in each respective industry (see table).

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One interesting takeaway from the diar research is that despite its rapid channel growth, lightning network has yet to improve the transaction efficiency of its system. The losses are presumably in response to the massive fall in ether price.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have closed 2018 with record transacting volumes, according to a report by research firm diar. Bottom buy-in the number of bitcoins held by this firm size bracket, seeing as the minimum address now accounts for multi-millions, surged in december 2018 when the largest cryptocurrency met its most recent bottom of 3200.

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According to a report published by cryptoasset research firm diar, citing data from coinapi, over half of all cryptocurrency trading volume revolves around the majors, bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, bitcoin cash and litecoin. Gareth jenkinson coinbase tokenized.

Ibm, having employed over 1500 employees to its blockchain unit, has much to prove now years into research and development with no actual business returns other than a hoopla of blockchain trial successes. According to a new report from research firm diar, cryptocurrency exchanges are closing out 2018 with record transacting volumes.

Cryptocurrency research firm diar indicates that the market capitalization for usd stablecoins has hit all-time highs and exceeded 4 billion, according to its latest weekly report published on may 21. Young bitcoin could overtake.