Changetip wallet announced

Social tipping service changetip has announced a new decentralised wallet service, citing demand from the bitcoin community.

Changetip announces changetip wallet - blockchain news.

Changetip services have been discontinued were no longer providing tipping services, only the ability to withdraw funds for acounts that have a balance.

Changetip wallet announced

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Changetip announces decentralized wallet service.

Changetip wallet is being launched as a decentralized version of changetips social tipping service changetip.

Changetip wallet announced

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Social tipping industry leader changetip has recently announced changetip wallet, an exciting addition to their suite of tools that make bitcoin, the most popular digital technology, easy and convenient to use.

The social tipping service changetip has just announced the companys new product the changetip wallet.

The silicon valley business wants to make the digital currency easier to use and more accessible to everyday people.